Media Support Services

A division of Academic Technologies, Media Support Services (MSS) provides a wide spectrum of operational, technical, and creative multimedia support to the VCU community.  Located in Cabell Library B-40 on the Monroe Park Campus and on the third floor of the VMI Building on the MCV campus.  MSS is composed of three groups.  Classroom Support which provides support for centrally controlled spaces, Video Production and Teleconferencing and Engineering and Design.

Monroe Park Campus Office: 828-1098

MCV Campus Office: 828-3400

Our Responsibilities

Our Fee Schedule

Our Staff

Media Support ServicesPhone NumberTitle 
Bogan, John 828-1960 Manager
Classroom AV Support    
Parker, Jared 828-7622 Manager
Blake, Jonathan 828-3401  
Castellani, Jesse 628-3899  

Habura, Danny


Kirpaul, Errol

McNeil, Rick 828-1937  
Engineering and Design     
Barker, Drew 628-1182 Manager
Bonet, Charlie 828-0304  
Ostasz, Mariusz 828-6283  
Potts, Tim 828-9907  
Smith, Jeff  828-1099  
Revis, Brian 828-5265  
Video Production and Teleconferencing     
Morefield, David 628-1184 Manager
Green, Charles 628-3016  
Taranto, Chris 828-9554  

Media Support Services Fee Schedule

University Department Service Call Rates for AV System Support:
Technical/Operational Support (Includes user support and general system troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair) $45.00/per hour/person
Engineering Support (Includes creation and modification of control programs, audio programs, system designs, and highly technical troubleshooting) $75.00/per hour/person
Video Production:
Includes pre-production/production/post-production/editing, conversion of video to digital format, the creation of digital graphics, and DVD authoring. $75.00/per hour/person
Project Management, System Design, and System Integration
Pricing varies by Project.  

This article was updated: 01/9/2018