Information Security

"With the rapid integration of technology into all aspects of our daily lives, we are continually faced with new threats against our security and privacy.  In order to prevent the loss, theft, and misuse of our information, we must realize both a Shared Responsibility, and a Cooperative Plan."

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VCU is committed to protecting information resources that are critical to its academic and research mission. Protection may be governed by legal, contractual, financial, or University considerations. VCU is equally committed to preserving an environment that encourages academic and research collaboration through the responsible use of information technology resources.

How to report a potential security incident


How do I store, process, or transmit the data I work with?


Our Mission

The mission of the VCU Information Security Office is to provide and foster an environment that will secure and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information technology resources that are central to the University's mission critical operations of education, research, service, and administration. 


Our Staff

We know that you like speaking with real people- so do we!

You are welcome to contact VCU Information Security at any time with your questions, concerns, or comments.  We may be reached by email at or you can find individual staff contact information at the bottom of this page. 

Han, Dan Chief Information Security Officer  843059
Patel, Mayura Deputy Director, Information Security  843059
Security Engineering Team  
Conner, Shane Security Engineering Team Lead 843059
Chan, Jordon Identity & Access Management Analyst 843059
Davis, Marvin Operating Systems Analyst  843059 
Giffin, Craig Senior Identity & Access Management Analyst 843059
Jarrard, Ryan Network Security Systems Administrator 843059
Stinnette, Doug Endpoint Security Analyst 843059
Security Operations Team  
Neilson, Ryan Security Operations Team Lead 843059
Tran, Anthony Information Security Analyst 843059
System Security Architect  
Broome, Guy System Security Architect 843059

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