eID Account Claim

Claim my eID

eID Account Claim will activate your eID and create a new password in the IAM system. You will also be required to provide a personal email and/or Mobile number for future self-service password reset

You will need 2 out of the 3 items of information to verify your identity in order to Claim your Account:

  • VNumber OR VCUCard Number


  • Birthdate  

Banner ID is also known as the VNumber. The VCUCard number is the 16-digit number on your physical VCUCard. You may not have VNumber if you are a VCU Health System employee, in that case, please use the 16-digit number on your badge.


As of January 29th, 2019, with the 'Go Live' of the new Identity & Access Management (IAM) System, all new and existing users must complete a one-time eID claim. For existing users, you will be prompted to claim your eID via CAS login when your password is about to expire within 14 days or upon password reset request.


A screenshot of the VCU eID account Claim

This article was updated: 01/8/2019