Find my eID

'Find my eID', will allow you to retrieve your eID if you have forgotten or don't know your eID.

You will need 2 out of the 3 items of information to verify your identity in order to retrieve your eID: 

VNumber OR VCUCard Number




The Banner ID is also known as the VNumber. The VCUCard number is the 16-digit number on your physical VCUCard. You may not have VNumber if you are a VCU Health System employee, in that case, please use the 16-digit number on your badge.

Screenshot of web page for retrieving eID

NOTE: In the previous IAM system (prior to January 29th, 2019) eID Finder was multi-functional. It would allow you to retrieve your eID and self-service eID password reset tool. The new and current eID Finder allows you to retrieve your eID only. Please use the following link for self-service password reset -