eID Password Lockouts

Your eID will be locked out if there are too many attempts to log in with the wrong password. An attempt could be submissions by a user on a login page or an automated submission by an application or device with a saved passwords. The most common way for an account to get locked out is when a user's eID password is changed while the old one is saved in an IMAP email application (like Outlook, Windows Mail, or Mac Mail) or in a mobile device like a phone or PDA. To prevent account lockouts, remove the old saved password from the application before changing your eID password and close all applications before changing your password. After an account is locked, it should automatically unlock after required lockout interval as long as there are no attempts to log in by any means. Otherwise, it will continue to stay locked. The VCU IT Support Center can also unlock the account.

This article was updated: 12/8/2017