eID Password Expirations

All VCU eIDs require passwords to be changed periodically. eID passwords expire at different rates depending on what user group you are part of. The different rates are as follows:

  • Initial password - expires after a minimum of 90 days
  • Students - expiration is every 365 days
  • Faculty/Staff - expiration is every 365 days
  • Guest/Vendors - expiration is every 90 days
  • Generic/Group  - expiration is every 365 days

After you set your password up the first time, you will have an initial expiration time with a minimum  of 90 days. After resetting your password following the initial setup, the expiration time will follow the rates above. The new expiration time is based on the date you reset your password. Your password will expire 365 days after it is set, based upon current password policy assigned.

It is important that you change your eID password before it expires. When your password expires, you will not be able to access any resources which use the eID for authentication such as VCU Google Apps, myVCU portal, Banner INB, eServices, Blackboard, VPN, and wireless. You will be notified via your VCU mail account about the pending expiration multiple times starting 2 weeks before your password expires. You cannot change your password after it expires unless you have already set and can successfully answer your password challenge questions. To change your eID password now, please start at the Resetting Your eID Password page.

This article was updated: 06/14/2017