I'm leaving VCU. How long does my GSuite/Google account remain active?

If you leave the University, access to your VCU faculty/staff GSuite/Google account will be removed when your Banner record indicates you are no longer employed or affiliated.


If you have been given Emeritus status, we are pleased to continue offering you access to the VCU computer systems and your GSuite/Google account, but your department does have to enter you into the "VCU Affiliate Database" with an EMER job class so that we can validate who you are. Retired faculty members may also keep their VCU GSuite/Google account if the retiree's record is listed in the Affiliate Database. Interested retirees should check with their department and request inclusion in this database with a RET job class. The Affiliate Database is VCU's method of allowing departments to give "official" status to persons who are no longer VCU employees, but are affiliated with the University and should have some VCU privilege such as an email account. The Affiliate Database is an online real-time system which has been decentralized to the "owning" department (the department responsible for the individual's affiliation). All non-employees except those with EMER or RET job class have a June 30 end date. It is the responsibility of the department, dean's office, or vice president's office to extend the end date annually by inputting and maintaining data on their "affiliated" employees. It is especially important that departments terminate affiliations promptly (Manager Self Service). Individuals within departments who handle these issues are usually personnel administrators or assistants. 

Faculty who are leaving the university for another position outside of VCU must use caution when moving email from VCU to another location.  Any email that contains PHI or HIPAA related data may not be transferred to an external (non-VCU-related) email service.



Classified employees will not retain their Google/Gsuite accounts after they leave employment or retire from the university unless their department adds them to the Affiliate database.  Classified employees who are also active students at the time of their departure from the university may continue to use their student mymail.vcu.edu account.


This article was updated: 01/29/2019