Mail Redirection

All mail redirection outside of the University in the external redirector, which does not then deliver to a email account, must be approved by the Director, Application Services.  Once approved, redirections will be documented in the appropriate internal database.  

GSuite/Google users may create a forward in their email account if they choose.  However, once a message leaves the VCU domain, we cannot guarantee its delivery or confidentiality. In the past, we have found that many emails redirected to non-University accounts were rejected because the accounts were closed, over quota, couldn’t accept attachments, or other factors. Many faculty and staff expressed concerns that students with redirected accounts were not receiving important communications from their professors and University administrative offices. Also, many faculty and staff do not open and may block emails from some outside systems (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL) due to the computer virus and spam problems associated with those services. This is especially true if the sender uses an account identifier that is not easily associated with their name.

Since email is critical to students, faculty, and staff, the University has adopted the "no automatic redirection" policy and all official VCU communication should be done from the VCU email account. However, we have allowed exceptions for legitimate and unusual business or academic circumstances. Personal convenience has not been an approved exception for students or regular faculty and staff. These exceptions must be requested through the dean of the appropriate school or equivalent position in administrative units and approved by the Director, Application Services, VCU Technology Services. GSuite allows multiple ways of conveniently accessing your account: the Web, a standard IMAP email program and on smartphones. Also, most IMAP email programs allow you to access multiple accounts at the same time so you can have the convenience of checking one place for all of your mail.

In March 2005, the University Information Technology Advisory Committee (UITAC) approved the Email Policy and Operational Procedures Issues related to email forwarding.


This article was updated: 01/28/2019