Request an eID Change/Name Change

To change your eID/name on your e-mail account, you must first change your name in the VCU Banner system. See below for further information. Once this has been completed, then click this link to fill out the Service Desk request to change the eID and name in email and other systems.


For employees to change their name in the VCU Banner system, Human Resources will need a copy of your new Social Security card (or applicable documentation from the Social Security Administration)* and an updated Personal Data Form (PDF). You can fax the documents to Human Resources at 828-0321.


For students to change their name in the VCU Banner System, Records and Registration will need a copy of your new Social Security card* (or applicable documentation) and an updated Personal Update Form. It should be returned to the Office of Records and Registration in Harris Hall, Room 1100. If you are both an employee and a current student, the change must be made in Human Resources and Records and Registration.

*A new Social Security card can be obtained through your local Social Security Administration Office. To make the change, that office will need an original legal document. Examples of accepted legal documents include driver's license, marriage or divorce record, military records, and passport. Please visit the Social Security Administration at Social Security Administration Online for more information and to find the local office nearest you.

This article was updated: 04/26/2018