Email Filtering

What are email filters?

Filtering is a very effective and efficient way to manage your email messages.

You must:

  • Determine which messages you want to filter
  • Determine what you want to do with the filtered messages, such as:
    • block unsolicited mail and move to the Trash or 
    • filter listserv messages to a special folder for future references or 
    • prioritize importance of incoming mail by filtering to specific folder
  •  Determine the common text in those messages and set up your filtering criteria. You can filter on text in the To:, From:, or Subject: fields, a unique header, or text in the body of the message itself. You can also filter on more than one criteria.
  • Please Note: Even if you choose to discard some types of messages, it is advisable to set the filters to send filtered mail to a separate folder. This allows you to verify the correctness of the filtering rules.

Using Filters

You first need to determine something unique about the messages from the list or sender that will allow the messages to be filtered out while leaving the rest of your mail intact. This could be something in the subject, a unique sender, something in the body of the message, or a customized header. You will also want to make sure you have a destination folder for your filtered messages. Follow the links below for instructions on creating email filters:

Google Users

This article was updated: 01/8/2016