How to Request a Generic Account

Generic Department/Project Account:

A generic department/project account provides the ability to have one central account (e-mail address) that multiple authorized users may access. A generic department/project account name should contain some association with your department/school/project name (e.g., TSCOURSES for Technology Services Courses) and can be no more than 13 characters in length.  

A request for a University group/generic account must be submitted in a support ticket.

Generic email accounts will only be created for authorized university-related purposes. Google Drive will not be enabled unless requested.  A department name, contact person, contact phone number, and justification for the account must be included in order for the account request to be processed.

Please include the following information in the request description:

Note: The account name should contain some association with your department or school project (e.g., TSCOURSES for Technology Services courses), should be one word of 4 to 13 characters in length, and will be the email address of the account.

  1. Generic account name
  2. eID or email of account owner
  3. Purpose for account
  4. Department/Project name
  5. eID or email of Department/Project Head/Faculty Sponsor*

*Student organization/students requesting must have a faculty sponsor. We will contact your sponsor for confirmation.

An email will arrive providing your ticket request number and a link to follow updates on your request.  Generic or Group account creation may take up to one week.  

Note: All generic accounts need to have an owner. The owner is responsible for setup, security and maintenance. 

Account Management

Once a year, Technology Services must confirm and identify the current account "owner" for all active departmental/generic accounts to determine:

  • If the account(s) should remain active, with the current account owner
  • If the account(s) can be deleted or,
  • If the account owner has changed and, the account should remain active, that we are provided the new account owner name  

Questions about these processes can be directed to Doctor Gee, or the VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227.

This article was updated: 10/26/2018