Student Worker Email Account

Under State and Federal laws, we are required to manage official University records and be able to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests, subpoenas and other legal discovery proceedings for email records of University employees. Under our current arrangement with Google, we cannot directly access student accounts for these purposes. If student employees use email as part of their official job responsibilities, they must not use their new student email account ( for official work activities. Departments should establish "generic" or group accounts for use by student employees (many departments already have generic accounts for their units). The approved naming format for student worker account(s) will be department name/STWK/# i.e. BUSSTWK1.

Submit this support request for a student worker generic email account.

If you have any questions, please contact Doctor Gee, or call the VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227.

For more information about records management requirements, email as official University records, and the Freedom of Information Act, refer to this web site.

This article was updated: 10/26/2018