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How to Request a Student Worker Email Account

Under State and Federal laws, we are required to manage official University records and be able to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests, subpoenas, and other legal discovery proceedings for email records of University employees. Under our current arrangement with Google, we cannot directly access student accounts for these purposes. If student employees use email as part of their official job responsibilities, they must not use their new student email account ( for official work activities. Departments should establish "generic" or group accounts for use by student employees (many departments already have generic accounts for their units). The approved naming format for student worker account(s) will be department name/STWK/#, i.e., BUSSTWK1.

A request for a University group/generic student account must be submitted in a Service Desk ticket.

In Service Desk, select: Email - Generic Student Account Request

Image of the graphical user interface which highlights the navigation items that direct users on how to request a Generic Student Account Request

The Requested by field will automatically populate based on your authentication when saved.  Fill out the Request Description.  Please provide a detailed description of why this account is needed and how it will be used.

Image of the graphical user interface which highlights the text inputs that allow a user to request a Generic Student Account Request

Add Additional Information, then select Save. Next, select Add Supplemental Information.

Snap 2014-10-15 at 11.20.43.png


Add Department Head.

Snap 2014-10-15 at 13.11.03.png

Select Save and Close.


An email will arrive providing your ticket request number and a link to follow updates on your request.

Note: Generic or Group account creation may take up to two weeks.  

Note: All generic accounts need to have an owner. The owner is responsible for setup and maintenance.

Account Management

Once a year, Technology Services must confirm and identify the current account "owner" for all active departmental/generic accounts to determine: If the account(s) should remain active, with the current account owner If the account(s) can be deleted or, If the account owner has changed and, the account should remain active, that we are provided the new account owner name

Questions about these processes can be directed to Doctor Gee or, the VCU IT Support Center at 828-2227.

This article was updated: 02/22/2018