Data Management System


Data and information governance is a cornerstone of the successful operation and management of an organization. Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to excellence in the management of data and information within the institution. As such, it is important for VCU personnel to understand the expectations related to the handling, storage, transmission, and use of data and information.  

This system is designed to provide VCU personnel with guidance on the handling, transmission and storage of information; including specific requirements related to the handling of various types of information, IT resources and services offered by the University that can assist in handling of such information, and specific precautions one should take in handling various types of information. Additionally, this system provides a platform for requesters of data and information to interact with designated Data Stewards. The features of this system are designed to help requesters in constructing formal data security plans that can be used as an addendum to project proposals, to help the Data Stewards in communicating expectations, and to provide an understanding for users on how data and information should be properly handled.


Access and User defined roles:

  • Standard Users - All current VCU Staff and Faculty will have access to the educational tool. 
  • Create Project - Create, manage and review data security plans for projects with sensitive and regulated data elements.
  • MBU Admin - Manage and review all the projects in your Business Unit


For questions, concerns, issues and access request  for this system, please contact the VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227 or submit a self-service ticket.