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Blackboard Q4 2015 - Previous Version



1. Login Page 






2. "My Blackboard" Tab - the main page after logging into Blackboard.

MyBb Tab Old Look-magnified




3. My Faculty Tools - previously accessed in a module on the "My Blackboard" tab.














‌4‌. Organizations - previously accessed from the "My Organizations" module located on the "My Blackboard" tab.




5‌. Quick Links - previously located in the "Quick Links" module on the "My Blackboard" tab.


Blackboard Q4 2016 - New Interface - provides a streamlined, professional look, with intuitive function and primary focus on teaching and learning.  The VCU Blackboard interface will now be referred to as "eLearning"

1. Login Page - The colors have changed and an image has been added, but logging into Blackboard essentially works the exact same way.

2. eLearning Tab - formerly labeled "My Blackboard". This page has been largely decluttered; users can still get to their "My Courses" list and Important Alerts and System Maintenance Schedules.



3. My Faculty Tools & the "Resources" Tab - "My Faculty Tools"  for creating and copying courses is now located on the "Resources" tab.  If you prefer to have the tools on the "eLearning" tab you can easily Add the Module.



4‌. Organizations - Your "My Organizations" list is now available from the "Organizations" tab.  The Manage My Organizations module (previously called "My Organizations Plus") has been relocated here as well.  This tool allows organization leaders to batch add or remove users,  rather than manually adding each individual user.




5. Quick Links - now located on the "Global Navigation" menu (upper right drop-down) under "Tools".  Students can now find "My Grades" by clicking on the "My Grade" icon  .

Global Navigation Menu - magnified