Blackboard Collaborate Support

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Blackboard supports Collaborate Ultra directly. If you need assistance, click on this help link and select Collaborate logo from the Students, Faculty, and Other Users module on the right-hand side.

System Requirements

Training: On-Demand Learning: Web Conferencing
- Documentation & Recorded Training for Moderators and Participants
- Free Online Training

Best Practices
– Blackboard Collaborate authentication and port check process?
- Are there limits to the amount of content that can be loaded into a Web Conferencing Session?
- I am hearing echo in my session, how can I fix this?
- Application sharing best practices.
- I see a black box on my screen within the application sharing window?
– Is there a limit to the amount of content I can have in the Whiteboard at any time?
– What is the recommended bandwidth requirements for 6 simultaneous cameras?