Mobile @ VCU

The journey from the printing press to mobile applications on smartphones for creating and consuming content has been very rewarding. We now have virtually all the knowledge of the web at our fingertips at all times on our mobile phones and other devices. VCU has committed to provide access to many University services and resources via mobile applications and websites. Many departments and schools are developing mobile website versions of their services to allow for anytime access for faculty, staff, and students. For a growing list of these mobile sites visit the Mobile VCU A to Z Index page. Besides VCU Mobile, VCU has other mobile applications that are available for use on mobile devices that allows for access to VCU email as well as the Blackboard system. To learn more about these applications, use the links below:

Mobile technology is not just for looking at content. Another aspect of mobile technology that is immensely popular today is social media applications. For information on many social media services popular at VCU, visit our Social Media At VCU page.