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Avaya Equinox

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‌Avaya Equinox is an enhanced version of Avaya's mobile app.  Avaya Equinox is a Unified Communications application for remote workers. It provides the functionality of Avaya one-X Mobile while transitioning VCU to a platform capable of incorporating multimedia content in the future.  Avaya Equinox can be used in one of three modes; Phone Service (SIP), Extend to Cellular (EC500) or Client Enablement (CES mode).


Avaya Equinox Comparison Chart


Avaya Equinox will extend your VCU telephone service to your mobile and/or home telephone.  

  • Enter any number of devices you choose and select up to 5 that can ring simultaneously when your desk phone is called.  
  • VCU calls that are unanswered will forward to your VCU voice mail box.  
  • Outbound calls you make from the application will display your VCU telephone number, not your personal number.  
  • Access the VCU directory, listen to voice mails, all from your mobile device or computer.  
  • The feature can be turned on or off when you are unable to take business calls.

Want the Avaya Equinox App?

Avaya Equinox

The Avaya Equinox App is available to download for all OS platforms.

  • Avaya Equinox for Mobile Devices

To download Avaya Equinox for mobile devices, please search for “Avaya Equinox in Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) using your mobile device.

  • Avaya Equinox for Desktop and Laptop Computers

To download Avaya Equinox for Windows or MacOS, please select the appropriate link below:

Avaya Equinox for Windows

Avaya Equinox for MacOS

Account for Avaya Equinox:  In order to use the app with the VCU telephone system, you must have an account provisioned on our server. Please use the link below to request an account. 

Submit a LANDESK Request for Avaya Equinox

Using Avaya Equinox

Once Telecommunications Services has provisioned your account, you can use the auto-configure feature to configure the app on your device. 

For Client Enablement mode (CES): 

  1. Open the Avaya Equinox App.
  2. Accept the “End User License Agreement".
  3. Select option to "Configure my account".
  4. Enter your “VCU” email address when prompted and select “NEXT”.  **Note: The email address must end with “” (example:   If your email ends with please replace it with the corresponding “”, only for this step within this App.  (example:  translate to**
  5. Enter your VCU eID and password when prompted to enter your credentials for “Client Enablement”. Select “NEXT”.
  6. Click “OK” after reading the “Disclaimer for Emergency Calls”.
  7. Enter your mobile number (including area code) when prompted.  If your number is a long-distance number when dialed from the main campus, include “1” before the area code.
  8. Complete the Quick Tutorial.
  9. Start using Avaya Equinox in Client Enablement mode.

For Phone Service mode (SIP):

  1. Open the Avaya Equinox App.
  2. Accept the “End User License Agreement".
  3. Select the option to "Configure my account".
  4. Bypass entering email address.
  5. Select the “Settings and Options” gear at the top-right corner.
  6. Select “USE A WEB ADDRESS”.
  7. Enter in the “WEB ADDRESS” field and select “NEXT”.
  8. Enter your 5-digit “EXTENSION” and “PASSWORD” when prompted to enter your “PHONE DETAILS”. **Note: Telecommunications Services will provide the password** Select “NEXT”. 
  9. Click “OK” after reading the “Disclaimer for Emergency Calls”.
  10. Complete the Quick Tutorial.
  11. Start using Avaya Equinox in “Phone Service” mode.

Avaya Equinox Reference Guide

Avaya designed the Avaya Equinox app so that it is intuitive and easy to use.  You may click on the below link for additional information regarding the Avaya Equinox app.  Please note that some of the enhanced features covered in the reference guide may not be currently applicable in the VCU environment.  Please select the link below to access the reference guide for Avaya Equinox

Avaya Equinox
 Avaya Equniox Reference Guide
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