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Change Manual Call Forwarding Destination

Generally this feature is used to send all of your calls to voice mail when you activate the Call Forward (CFV)button.  It can also be used to redirect your calls to any other extension or local telephone where you may be working temporarily.

The directions are the same for ALL ISDN sets.

To program the set to forward all calls to your NUMS voice mailbox

  • Lift the handset or with the handset in the cradle press any line appearance.
  • Dial *72, then *8 1-877-367-5512.
  • Wait for confirmation tone; Hang up.

To activate the feature

  • Leave the handset in the cradle and press CFV (call forwarding) button .
  • The lamp will light. Your calls now will be forwarded immediately to voice mail.

To deactivate the feature

  • Press CFV button. The lamp goes off.
If you want to use a different destination  you can enter a 5 digit campus number or a 7 digit local number.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013