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Caller Menus and Announcements

Caller menus, also referred to as Call Processors, are used to provide automated answering when a receptionist is not designated or available.  They typically provide a menu of options from which callers make a selection using the buttons on their dialpad.  Menus can provide access to the most frequently requested information (e.g. address or hours of operation), transfer callers to a specific destination or be nested to form "trees".  They are designed to help direct callers to the proper information, person or group.  Schedules can be applied to menus so that different information and/or routing can be applied based on the time of day, day of the week or holiday schedule.  

VCU Telecommunications will work with you to design the most effective structure for your department.  The recordings contained in caller menus and announcements are done by the departmental owners of the application.  Individuals must first be designated as a "sponsor" in order to have access to make or change the recordings.  To request a new caller menu or designate one or more people as a sponsor for an existing menu use the orange button on the top right of this page to Submit a Help Request or contact our Client Support Group at 828-2227 (press option 2).

Once your caller menu has been created use the instructions below to record or change the greetings.

Note:  To make or change recordings you must first be designated as a sponsor.

You can change or record multiple call processor and/or announcmement greetings from one sponsor mailbox.

  1. Dial the AVST pilot number (7-1981 on-campus/827-1981 off campus).
    1. If you have previously set up your personal mailbox - dial [*][#] plus the 5 digit mailbox number of the sponsor mailbox.
    2. If you have not previously set up your personal mailbox - dial [#] plus the 5 digit mailbox number of the sponsor mailbox.
  2. Enter the security code for the sponsored mailbox. The default code is 142536. You will be prompted to change it the first time the mailbox is accessed.
  3. Press [4] to access "User Options".
  4. Press [1] for "Personal Options".
  5. Press [6] to record information for a mailbox you sponsor.
  6. When prompted, enter the mailbox number for the menu or announcement you would like to record or change.
    • If there is a current recording the system will begin playing it.  You do not have to wait for this greeting/announcement to finish playing, you can go the next step.
  7. Press [2] to record the new greeting/announcement, you may be prompted to press [2] again to begin recording.
    • Press [6] to review your recording
    • Press [5] to save your recording
    • Press [4] to delete and re-record.
  8. To record additional menu or announcement greetings complete steps 5 through 8 again or hang up if you are finished.


This article was updated: 09/17/2017