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How to Access Your Messages in the Old System

Messages in the old system (Avaya Modular Messaging) will be available until October 20.  After October 20 the system will be decommisioned and old messages will be unrecoverable.

On Campus Access Number 7-1981

Off Campus Access Number 827-1981

Between October 3 after 9:00 PM and October 20 follow the steps below to listen to your old messages.

From Your Desk Phone

1.  Dial 7-1981, the temporary Avaya Modular Messaging (MM) access number

2.  At the password prompt enter the password for your OLD mailbox.

3.  Press [#].

If accessing your old messages from any other phone on or off campus step 1 is slightly different.  Listen carefully to the prompts after dialing the access number.