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Voice Network Problems

Experiencing problems with your telephone such as static, no dial tone, or buttons not functioning?

  • Call 8-2227 (or 828-2227 from a non-campus phone) and press option 2 if you need to report a phone problem or need to have your voicemail password reset.

Data Network Trouble 

For help with computing and network problems, contact your departmental support technician first! Your support tech will assist you with the reported problem or make the appropriate contact if unable to find a solution. If you do not have a departmental technician:

  • Faculty and staff on both campuses should call the VCU IT Support Center at 828-2227 - for all problems.
  • The VCU IT Support Center personnel will respond and assist you or they will escalate the problem to Network Services 

Residence Halls

To report problems encountered with Residence Hall in-room or Lab connections Contact the ResNet Tech Support at 828-8943.

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

If you are connected on the VCUHS clinical network, contact the Hospital Information Systems Help Desk at 828-6447

Dial-In Problems

If problems are encountered connecting with the University terminal-based dial-in facility (649-0979), call the University HelpDesk.


When problems are encountered connecting with the Service Provider, follow the directions given in your sign-up package or contact the service provider at 355-9999. Solutions to problems may be escalated by calling the G2G Business Office at 8-7295.

This article was updated: 12/9/2016