What is Secure Email Messaging?

Secure Messaging is the automatic process of:

  • Identifying outbound email messages that match encryption policies
  • Encrypting the email messages.
  • Sending encrypted messages using ZixCorp's Best Method of Delivery

Why are we implementing Secure Messaging?

We are using secure messaging services to protect our email communications and to ensure sensitive information remains confidential.

What if my message should not be encrypted?

If your message is encrypted based on policy, you will receive an email notifying you this has occurred with instructions to resend your message with a subject keyword of insecure or cleared.

What if the recipient does not retrieve the message?

If the recipient does not retrieve the message before the expiration date, you receive an expiration notification message.  The original message will be deleted from the secure Web site.



This article was updated: 06/12/2018