Guide for Gender and Name of Use Notification

This guide is designed to help you to evaluate and request changes to technology-related systems at the university. We now offer two processes to serve you better. The process you will need to use depends upon whether you have changed your legal name.

If you have not changed your legal name and are requesting changes based on the name of use, then please consult the "Name Change Resources 2018-19" on the Division of Student Affairs's Resources pageFor questions about this process, please contact

If you are requesting changes based on a legal change of name, the first step is to process your legal change of name with the university. Information about processing your legal change of name with the university may be found here. Once your legal name has been changed with the university, it will be updated in the Banner system, and you can make the following changes:

  • eID - The VCU eID is the username used, along with a corresponding eID password, to authenticate you to many VCU web applications and electronic services. A request to change the eID can be processed after your legal name has been changed in the Banner system. However, other circumstances may require that an eID is changed. Reasons for an eID change may include but are not limited to: changing the eID length, changing the eID to avoid cultural offense, changing the eID for legal reasons. Because the eID is used as the "passkey" to many systems at the university, any change of the eID requires that your access is changed across systems. Because multiple electronic records and key systems are affected, an eID change requires prior review and approval from university administrative officials. Click Here to Continue.
  • Email (myVCUmail) Name of Use - A request to change your name and/or eID/email address can be processed only after your legal name has been changed in the Banner system. However, a name of use can be added by following steps outlined in this document.
  • VCUCard - The VCUCard is the official identification card for the Virginia Commonwealth University and Health System. Your VCUCard provides access to services such as Pay 4 Print, RamsLaundry, as well as Wells Fargo. You can also access classrooms, dorms, offices, the library, RamRide, Student Activities & Events, as well as dining, gym, and parking facilities. To get a new VCUCard, bring your old card to the VCUCard office, and they will replace it free of charge.
  • Blackboard (and other academic systems) - Blackboard is a Web-based course-management system designed to allow students and faculty to participate in classes delivered online or use online materials and activities to complement face-to-face teaching. Blackboard will automatically update. Your school may have a separate academic system. Please contact your academic advisor to learn how to make changes in those systems.
  • VCU Libraries - Once updated in Banner, your legal name, eID, email, and VCUCARD number will be updated in some library systems. VCU Libraries also encourages researchers to create an ORCID account, which consolidates your publications under a persistent identifier that is not name-specific and distinguishes you from every other researcher. For assistance or questions please Ask Us.
  • Emergency Notification – You may want to change emergency email alerts after making changes to your email or eID. Notifications can be managed via the portal by selecting “Manage Emergency Alerts” under the “Resources” heading.

The IT Support Center is here to help you. If you have any questions or need assistance with your requests, you can reach us at (804) 828-2227 or You also may submit a Service Desk Support Ticket.