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Information Technology Policies, Standards, Baselines and Guidelines

Virginia Commonwealth University provides and maintains computing resources to support the University's mission critical operations of education, research, service and administration. In order to ensure that these resources are used ethically, equitably, and legally by faculty, staff and students, VCU has established certain IT policies, standards, baselines, and guidelines.  All users of VCU systems, data, information and technology resources must adhere to these requirements.

Shown below is the Information Technology Policy Framework listing the IT Policies, Standards, Baselines and Guidelines.  Highlighted document names contain links to view the currently published version.  All current policies can also be found on the university's Policy Library.  In addition, documents planned for development, in development or in the review and approval process are also listed.  Links to the finalized and published documents will be provided as those documents become available.  Access for IT professionals to the Information Technology Professionals Intranet can be obtained by contacting

The Data Managment System ( is a tool which can be used to determine approved practices for the handling, storage, processing, and transmission of VCU data.

Information Technology Baseline

Information Technology Baselines are used by IT Professionals in conjunction with Information Technology Standards and Policies. The Baseline documents are technical documents for use by IT professionals. They contain a set of technical requirements that define the minimum required standard practices. These documents can be found in the IT Professionals Intranet (ITPI) under IT Resources - Security Baselines unless otherwise noted.  Access to the IT Professionals Intranet is restricted to authorized IT professionals.  IT professionals can request access by contacting

Information Technology Guideline

An information technology guideline is a recommended practice that allows some discretion or leeway in its interpretation, implementation, or use.

Information Technology Standard

An information technology standard is a formal document for an established norm of methods, criteria, and processes for technology subjects.  Standards are dervied from the associated University Policy.


Key to Acronyms:

ITPI - Information Technology Professionals Intranet

NID - New in Development

NIRAP - New in Review/Approval Process

RID - Revisions in Development

RIRAP - Revisions in Review/Approval Process

TBD - To Be Developed


Information Technology Policy Framework

 Computer and Network Resource Use Policy 

Information Security Policy

Application Security Standard 

Business Partner Security Standard

Change Management Standard 

Data Classification Standard

Data Handling and Storage Standard

Media Sanitization Security Guideline (ITPI)

Research Information Security Baseline (ITPI)

Removable / Portable Storage Device Security Baseline (TBD)

System Backup Baseline (TBD)

Disaster Recovery Standard

Encryption Security Standard

Data Encryption Baseline (TBD)

Incident Response Standard

             Network Management and Security Standard

Network Configuration and Security Baseline (ITPI)

Password, Authentication and Access Standard

Personnel Security Standard

Physical Security Standard

             IT Project Managment Standard

Remote Access Standard

IT Risk Management Standard

             Student Email Standard

System Security Standard

Active Directory Management Baseline (ITPI)

Apache Tomcat Server Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Apache Web Server Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Apple Desktop / Laptop Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Application Security Baseline (ITPI)

Automated Software Distribution Baseline (ITPI)

Apple iOS Configuration Baseline (TBD) 

Google Android Configuration Baseline (TBD)

Linux Desktop / Laptop Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Linux Server Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Microsoft IIS Web Server Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

MySQL / MARIADB Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Oracle Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Public, Classroom, and Lab Computer Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

VCU IT System Pre‐Authentication Banner Text (ITPI)

Windows Desktop / Laptop Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

Windows Server Configuration Baseline (ITPI)

 Exposure and Breach of Information Policy

 Organizational Websites, Management and Hosting

VCU Web Standards and Guidelines

 Records Management Policy