Training opportunities (Spring 2010 Faculty & Staff Survey)

The need for additional and more varied training opportunities in the technologies used at VCU were mentioned a number of times. More online training, such as online tutorials and webinars, were suggested as well as more classroom training.


  • Pilot short training seminars targeted towards the less technically inclined.
    • Update October 2010:  Piloting a learnIT@Lunch series with 2 seminars planned each semester.  The first seminar in the series focused on mobile applications available at VCU.  The second seminar will focus on ways to get technology help at VCU.
    • Update February 2011:  The 3rd learnIT@Lunch seminar focused on tips on using your Windows 7 computer.
  • Investigate ways to provide more online training.
    • Update October 2010: 
      • Created page referencing available no cost online tutorials for software used at VCU.
      • Started creating online courses for Microsoft products by organizing the lengthy Microsoft online tutorials into smaller sections that reflect what is taught in VCU Technology Services' short courses.
      • Started assessing VCU helpIT Center problem calls to identify topics for online training that could be developed in-house.
    •  Update February 2011:
      • Greatly expanded the online courses to include numerous topics related to Microsoft Windows, Office and other Microsoft software; Macintosh software; Adobe software; and statistical and research applications. 
      • Created several online courses that are equivalent to instructor led courses offered for stand-alone use or for review after taking an instructor led class.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013