More open access computers (Spring 2010 Student Survey)

More open access computers – Additional computers on campus in open access areas, particularly areas that are open late, were frequently mentioned as a need.


  • Lack of space and the fact that most computer labs are managed and operated by the schools make addressing this need difficult. However, a growing partnership of the VCU Libraries and VCU Technology services is making an effort in this area.
    • Expand the number of computers in the library laptop checkout program.
      • Update October 2010:  In collaboration with VCU Libraries, the number of laptops available for checkout was increased from 30 to 50.  7 of these are netbooks, the remainder are laptops. 
    • Expand the number of computers available in Cabell Library and improve the quality of the computer lab space.
      • Update October 2010:  In collaboration with VCU Libraries and the Office of the Provost, created and opened the Learning Commons on the 2nd floor of Cabell, which replaced the crowded, dark Cabell basement lab.  In addition to the greatly improved quality of the computer lab space, a total of 95 Windows and Macintosh computers are in the Learning Commons for a net addition of 6 computers over the combined total of the previous Cabell basement lab and the Cabell 2nd floor.
  • Pilot a Virtual Computing Lab to provide access to specialized lab software over the web 24x7 and to decrease the need for students to use on-campus computer labs.
    • Update October 2010:  A VCU Virtual Computer Lab is in the process of being set up and is expected to be ready for a pilot program by the start of the second semester.
    • Update February 2011:  Technical and licensing issues have prevented implementation of the VCU Virtual Computer Lab pilot program.  Efforts continue to get this pilot off the ground.  Other technical alternatives are also now under consideration.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013