Essential Six: Essential Tech Tips to Get You Started

1. Protect Your Password! Your eID password is your all access pass to VCU resources. Never give your password to anyone! No VCU official will ever ask for your password in an email. If you are curious about how to better protect your information or devices, visit

TIP! Sign up for the Self-Service Password Reset Tool so that you can reset your password on your own when it expires or you forget it! Visit us for more information.

2. Where Do I Download Microsoft Office or Windows For My Machine? Students can navigate to to obtain a free copy of Microsoft Office for their computer. If you need to obtain a copy of Windows, simply visit to download a free version of the latest Windows OS. 

TIP! If you need further assistance with installation, please contact the VCU IT Support Center.

3. How can I protect my computer?
Students can review our recommendations for free antivirus programs for their PC or Mac.

TIP! Be sure to uninstall any existing antivirus software from your machine before installing a new antivirus!

4. Where Can I Go For Help With Connecting to Wireless? VCU IT Support Center provides assistance for students at their walk up counter locations on both campuses with troubleshooting wireless connectivity issues. More information about wireless can be found online

VCU Resnet provides assistance for on campus students in the residence halls who are having network connectivity issues. To report a problem, please contact the IT Support Center.

TIP! If you live in a residence hall, be sure to turn off the wireless function on your printer as it may interfere with everyone’s ability to connect to wireless on your floor.

5. Where Can I Go For Help With Technology? The VCU IT Support Center provides technology support to VCU faculty, staff, and students. They can assist with various issues ranging from basic computer problems, password and email account problems, training suggestions for IT applications that may be used for classwork, and more. Visit them online for information on office hours, locations on both campuses, and 24/7 phone support.

6. Where Can I Go to Buy Electronics on Campus? RamTech on campus is the place to shop for a new computer, electronic essentials, phone accessories, Apple and Dell products, fitness devices, official VCU merchandise, and more.

Also located in RamTech is fixIT, VCU’s in-house computer repair resource. fixIT provides electronic diagnostic services and repairs by certified technicians. Visit for more information.

TIP! RamTech offers computer service plans for all newly purchased equipment. Even if you did not buy your computer through the school, your machine may qualify for coverage.