ChemOffice Professional

Description: ChemOffice Professional is an integrated suite of scientifically intelligent productivity tools that enables researchers to capture, store, retrieve and a share data and information on compounds, reactions, materials and their properties. 

Platform: Windows and Mac
Cost: No Charge


ChemOffice Professional is drawing and analysis suite for Chemistry and Biology. VCU Humanities and Sciences has secured a University wide license for ChemOffice Professional. The software is available for use by current VCU faculty, staff and students.


PerkinElmer Informatics ChemOffice Professional is drawing and analysis suite designed for Chemistry and Biology. There are a number of ChemOffice Professional Features and Applications  available in ChemOffice Professional. The tools enhance the scientiets' personal productivitiy, streamline the collaborative efforts and accelerate the pace of research discoveries.

All modules are available for Windows. Only the ChemDraw Professional module is available for Macintosh.


  • ChemDraw Professional
  • ChemDraw Cloud
  • ChemDraw Signals Notebook
  • Mnova ChemDraw Edition
  • ChemDraw for Excel
  • Chem3D
  • ChemFinder Ultra
  • ChemFinder for Office
  • ChemScript scripting language


ChemOffice Professional is available for download to faculty, staff and students. Please complete the Software License Registration and Authorization form to gain access to the download.

System Requirements

Windows System Requirements:

  • Visit System Requirements.
  • From the Product Family drop-down, select ChemOffice.
  • From the Product drop-down, select ChemOffice Professional 17.0.

Macintosh System Requirements:

  • Visit System Requirements.
  • From the Product Family drop-down, select ChemDraw.
  • From the Product drop-down, select ChemDraw Professional 17.0.

Training & Support

Training & Documentation

We have provided you with a few resources to help you learn more about ChemOffice.

Support and Consultation

This software is provided to the VCU community 'as is' as a courtesy by the VCU College of Humanities & Sciences.  All product support is provided by the vendor, PerkinElmer:

VCU ChemOffice Professional Listserv

VCU faculty, staff, and students who are subscribed to the ChemOffice Professional - LISTSERV (mailing list) receive notifications of ChemOffice Professional upgrades, etc.  Those who registered their license on the VCU Software Download Registration web page are automatically added to this list. In some departments, technical support staff registers a block of licenses an users are not added to the listserv.