Description: Maple is a mathematics tool used to analyze, explore, visualize and solve matehmatical problems. Whether you need to do quick calculations, develop design sheets, teach fundamental concepts, or produce sophisticated high-fidelity simulation, Maple is the essential technical computing software for today‚Äôs engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Cost: No Charge

License Information

VCU Humanities and Sciences has acquired a University wide license for Maple. Maple, obtained under this VCU site license, may be used:

  • for VCU related research and instruction
  • by VCU employees and students on University owned/leased computers
  • by VCU employees on personally owned computers
  • by currently enrolled VCU students on their personally owned computers

Under this cross-platform license, an unlimited number of copies of Maple can be running at any time. Maple versions available under this license are:

Download and Renew

Maple is available for download on any university owned or personally own computer. If you have installed Maple in the past, you will need to renew the license to maintain functionality. 

Access to Download and License Renewal

Refer to the appropriate audience and select the desired operating system to download or renew the Maple software.

For Student Owned Workstations:

For Faculty/Staff Owned Workstations:

For VCU Owned Workstations:


Training and Support

The vendor provides a number of training resources and guides to help you learn how to use Maple, as well as user support.

Training & Documentation


This software is provided to the VCU community 'as is' as a courtesy by the VCU College of Humanities & Sciences.  The vendor supplies installation support and application support.  For download support, contact the IT Support Center.

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LISTSERV subscribers receive notifications of Mathematica upgrades and maintenance fixes, times to renew Maple licenses, Maple training opportunities, etc.

To subscribe to the VCU MAPLE-L click on: 

    Maple-L Email List

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