nQuery Advanced & Advisor+nTerim

Software Description: nQuery Advanced and its predecessor, nQuery Advisor+nTerim, are software packages for performing power analysis and sample size determination.

Platform: Windows
Cost: No charge (Access via App2Go Server)

App2Go Login


nQuery Advanced and nQuery Advisor + nTerim may be downloaded for installation on a Windows computer; the license must be renewed annually.  These applications may also be used remotely on the App2Go server, without the need to download and install the application on your computer.  

nQuery License Information

VCU has obtained an nQuery site license which permits use by current VCU students, faculty, and staff on either VCU owned or personally owned PCs.  In addition, five (5) concurrent use licenses of nQuery Advanced and nQuery Advisor+nTerim are available by VCU students, faculty, and staff on the App2Go Server.

Use nQuery on a Windows PC

To obtain a copy of nQuery Advanced or nQuery Advisor+nTerim for installation on a Windows PC, or to renew the license of an existing installation, please select the above Download/Renew link.

Use nQuery on the App2Go Server

Using your web browser on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, you are able to access and run nQuery Advanced and nQuery Advisor+nTerim on the App2Go Server.  Although these programs run on the server, they appear to be running on your own computer.  You can open, save, and print files from your PC.  Documentation on how to use of the App2Go Server will provide you details, such as system requirements, opening files, saving files, and printing.

Current VCU students, faculty, and staff may access the App2Go Server.  nQuery and the other applications on the App2Go Server are available to support research projects and are not intended for instructional use.


nQuery Advanced and nQuery Advisor + nTerim may be downloaded and must be renewed annually to continue to run the applications on your computer.

Download a Copy of nQuery (Windows only)

To install nQuery Advanced or nQuery+nTerim on your computer, you will need to download one of the versions listed below.  The license registration form will ask you how many licenses will be needed.  After completing the form and downloading the application, an email will be sent to your VCU email address confirming your registration and providing you with installation instructions and the activation key.

Note:  To install these products, you must login with Administrator rights to your computer.

Renew an nQuery Advisor+nTerim License

nQuery Advisor + nTerim licenses for existing installations must be renewed annually.  Licenses expire annually on May 31st.

Note: nQuery Advanced is a newly released product and will not need renewal until May 2019, at which time a renewal link for it will appear on this page.

Those with older versions may upgrade to nQuery Advanced 8.2.1 and/or nQuery + nTerim 4.0.


A variety of resources are available to help you expand your knowledge on the use of nQuery Advanced and nQuery Advisor + nTerim.


Statsols Help Center


Manuals install automatically and are available within the program on the Help menu.


nQuery Advisor + nTerim video tutorials:


Contact the IT Support Center if you need assistance with the download, installation and experience a licensing issues.