Software Description: SigmaPlot is a scientific charting tool with technical graphing and data analysis functionality that enables researchers to convert their data into precise, publication ready graphs. The merger of SigmaPlot and SigmaStat into this one package enhanced the software to include data analysis tools for scientific research. Explore the new Features of SigmaPlot 14.0, Upgrade Comparisons, and What's New in SigmaPlot 14.0.

Platform: Windows (App2Go access for Windows, Mac, or Linux)

Cost: No charge

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VCU has a 10 simultaneous user license for SigmaPlot. The software may be installed on multiple computers, but the license model only allows 10 people to access the software at the same time. Since multiple users at VCU will be sharing these licenses, please shutdown SigmaPlot when not in use. The 10 concurrent use licenses are controlled by the VCU SigmaPlot License Manager. 

Note: If you are attempting to startup SigmaPlot and are unable to do so, report the problem with the SigmaPlot License Manager to the IT Support Center.

Concurrent SigmaPlot Licenses includes:

  • SigmaPlot 14.0 (current download) may be used both on and off campus as long as you have an Internet connection. Note: Wireless access is not supported.

  • Five (10) concurrent use licenses of SigmaPlot are available for use on the App2Go Server.

License Restrictions for SigmaPlot Software:

  • May only be used by current VCU faculty, staff and students
  • Is exclusively for academic/research use
  • May not be used for commercial gain
  • May not be modified
  • May only be shared with others at VCU who register a license
  • Must be uninstalled when you are no longer affiliated with VCU

Download and Access

You may be download and install  SigmaPlot on multiple computer. When you open to access the software using an internet connection, you will be authenticating one of ten (10) concurrent licenses on the server. SigmaPlot is also available using the App2Go server without the need to install the software. 

Download SigmaPlot

SigmaPlot may be used both off and on campus as long as you have an Internet connection. Only hardwired connections to the SigmaPlot server are supported. Wireless connectivity is NOT supported.

  • SigmaPlot System Requirements

  • Download » SigmaPlot 14.0

  • After SignaPlot Installation - Follow instructions sent to your VCU e-mail account on how to configure access to VCU's SigmaPlot License Manager Server. This is required to monitor our ten simultaneous use SigmaPlot licenses.

Use SigmaPlot on the App2Go Server

When using SigmaPlot on the App2Go Server, it appears to be running on your PC. Computers with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems are able to run SigmaPlot in a browser window. You will be able to open, save and print files from your PC while using SigmaPlot on the App2Go Server. Applications on the App2Go server are available to support research projects and are not intended for instructional use.

Only current VCU faculty, staff and students may access SigmaPlot on the App2Go Server. Documentation on how to use of the App2Go Server will provide you details such as system requirements, installation, opening files, saving files and printing.

Training and Manuals

There are a number of resources available to get you started with SigmaPlot.

  • Tutorials and Manuals in SigmaPlot
    • Tutorials - Select Help » SigmaPlot Tutorial...
    • Manual - Select Help  » View PDF Manuals » Users Guide 

Updates and Support

Systat periodically rolls out updates and fixes for SigmaPlot. To monitor the updates, a link to access the list of updates available.

Support & Consultation

The Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research provides statistical and programming consultation for using this product for teaching and research purposes. To request a consultation appointment contact

If you need assistance with access to SigmaPlot on the App2Go server, you may contact the IT Support Center.

Sign up for SigmaPlot-Stat-L listserv

LISTSERV subscribers receive notification of SigmaPlot upgrades and maintenance fixes, times to renew SigmaPlot licenses, training opportunities, etc. Those who registered their license on the VCU Software Download Registration webpage are automatically added to this list. In some departments technical support staff register a block of licenses. If users whose licenses are registered by their technical support staff wish to receive listserv notifications for this product they should subscribe to the VCU SigmaPlot-Stat-L LISTSERV.

To subscribe to the VCU SigmaPlot-Stat-L ListServ, click on:

Note: Participation in this list is limited to VCU email accounts.