Description: Stata, used for statistical analysis, is a comprehensive package for Data Management and Statistics with strong Graphical Facilities. The program features include multiple imputations, factor variables, generalized method of moments (GMM) completing-risks regression, state-space modeling, predictive margins, a Variables Manager, and more. 

Platform: Access Windows server from Windows, Mac or Linux
Cost: No charge (Access via App2Go Server)

App2Go Login


VCU faculty, staff, and students may access Stata SE on the App2Go server, which is used to support research and is not intended for instructional use.

There are five (5) concurrent licenses of Stata SE is available for use on the App2Go server. Only five users may access the application at the same time.

Access & Purchase

Stata is available on the App2Go Server without the need to purchase or install the application on your computer. A purchasing option is available for those who wish to install a personal copy on their computer.

Use Stata on the App2Go Server

When using Stata on the App2Go Server, it appears to be running on your computer. Stata runs in a browser window from computers using the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. You can open, save and print files from your PC while using Stata on the App2Go Server. Documentation on how to use the App2Go Server will provide you details such as system requirements, installation, opening files, saving files and printing.

Only current VCU faculty, staff, and students may access Stata on the App2Go Server. Applications on the App2Go server are available to support research projects and are not intended for instructional use.

Purchase Options

VCU students and faculty can obtain Stata software for Windows at significant savings through the Stata GradPlan program.

How to place the order:

  1. Order Stata products online or by calling 1-800-782-8272. If ordering by phone, to obtain discounted pricing, identify yourself as affiliated with Virginia Commonwealth University.

  2. You will have the option to purchase a download version of Stata or have a DVD shipped directly to you.

  3. eVA Participant - Faculty or staff placing GradPlan orders: StataCorp LP is an eVA participant.

Training & Resources

A variety of training materials and resources are available to learn how to use Stata.

Training & Manuals

Helpful Links & FAQs



Support & Updates

There are a few resources available to support Stata installation, access through App2Go and consultation on its use. The vendor provides periodic software patches and updates.

Stata Patches & Updates

Keep your Stata application up-to-date by accessing Stata for software update information.

Support and Consultation

The Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research provides statistical and programming consultation for using this product for teaching and research purposes. To request a consultation appointment contact For assistance with using Stata on the App2Go server, contact the IT Support Center.