Description: SUDAAN is a statistical package for the analysis of data from complex studies. It is commonly used to analyze data from such NCHS studies as the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) and much more.  

Platform: Windows, Linux, Solaris
Cost: Personal Purchase Only


What is new in SUDAAN 11

SUDAAN offers computationally efficient and design-corrected analyses of:

  • Data from complex sample surveys
  • Epidemiological study data
  • Clinical trial data
  • Experiments or observational studies
  • Longitudinal Data

SUDAAN provides estimates that correctly account for complex design features of your study, including:

  • Unequally weighted or unweighted data
  • Stratification
  • With or without replacement designs
  • Multistage and cluster designs
  • Repeated measures
  • General cluster-correlation
  • Multiply imputed analysis variables

Purchase SUDAAN

SUDAAN provides discount pricing for degree granting high educational institutions.



Sudaan and SAS Procedures: Similar Functionality


SAS 9.3

RECORDS Procedure

Import and PRINT Procedure

CROSSTAB Procedure

FREQ Procedure

RATIO Procedure


DESCRIPT Procedure

MEANS Procedure

REGRESS Procedure

REG Procedure, GLM Procedure


LOGISTIC Procedure, GENMOD Procedure, GLIMMIX Procedure

MULTILOG Procedure

GENMOD Procedure

LOGLINK Procedure

GENMOD Procedure

SURVIVAL Procedure, KAPMEIER Procedure

LIFETEST procedure, LIFEREG Procedure, PHREG Procedure

HOTDECK Procedure

MI Procedure        


WTADJUST Procedure

 See below: Weighting and Imputation Procedures in SAS

 WTADJX Procedure*

 See below: Weighting and Imputation Procedures in SAS 

IMPUTE Procedure *

 See below: Weighting and Imputation Procedures in SAS

 VARGEN Procedure*

  SURVEYREG procedure and Wesvar procedure #

* New in Sudaan 11
# Wesvar procedure can be obtained by searching for Wesvar at

Weighting and Imputation Procedures in SAS