Computer Center

The VCU Computer Center's (VCUCC) mission is to provide secure, reliable and cost-effective computing power, data storage, and system backup and recovery services with 24 x 7 operations and systems support to the VCU community.

 The VCUCC's large computer room houses approximately 120 racks of equipment (with room to grow).  Utilizing racks and rack mounted equipment, the VCUCC optimizes space and manageability of its servers and peripherals. The VCUCC supports a wide range of platforms and technologies to meet the University’s needs.

The VCUCC has a backup and archive system with capacity in petabytes; it also hosts a large Storage Area Network (SAN) for systems in the Computer Center needing speedy access to terabytes of data.

The VCUCC also hosts VCU Network Services devices, including a Pocahontas-Edge router, which connects major external internet connections for VCU.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013