Operating System Installation Guidelines

Clean Install or Upgrade

Clean Install or Upgrade

It is the policy/standard of the UCC to perform clean installs of server operating systems. Only under overriding and extenuating circumstances will an in place upgrade be performed. This standard is supported by UCC management and the CISO.

The rationale for clean installations of server operating systems are:

  • Deployment of a pristine platform for applications which may be processing category 1 data.
  • While replacing an existing system, a clean install on a separate hardware/VMWare instance ensures the ability to back out and revert to the old system.
  • Clean installations reduce the complications due to incorrect or sub-optimal parameters which are undetected or unknown on the existing system.
  • Clean installations provide a more stable platform.

Please contact the Manager of Server Operations at the UCC for questions regarding this.

This article was updated: 01/31/2019