Articulate 360

Description: Articulate 360 provides a suite of e-Learning web authoring tools used to create a lesson or course, and enables you to add custom interaction and quizzing. Available templates allow you to create well design courses with limited effort. Convert your PowerPoint presentation into a course by adding audio narration and quizzing. Record screen shots off of your desktop or iPad. Record a lecture using a webcam and screen shots, and edit the video before publishing.

Platform: Windows and Mac
Cost: Educational Team Discount


Articulate 360 Tools:

Articulate 360 offers you a variety of course development tools for the beginner to the advanced user. To gain more knowledge on the use of these tools, check out the Training and Support tab.

  • Rise - Quick and easy web-based authoring through a template using a browser. The template based course allows you to add text and media content into the course. Only multiple choice questions are available in this course building tool. [Beginner]
  • Studio 360 - Create a course from your PowerPoint presentation by adding audio narration and annotations. Use Engage 360 to add media and text to your PowerPoint and Quizmaker 360 to enhance the course with questions. [Intermediate user]
  • Storyline 360 - Create custom courses by adding decision making scenarios, custom interactions, and quizzing. Any type of question can be added and courses adjust to mobile with a swipe and pinch. [Experienced user]
  • Peek - Create video screen captures from a PC or Mac. Add Peek lessons to Rise. [Beginner]
  • Preso - Quickly develop an informal training video on an iPad. Narrate and annotate slides with simple swipes, taps, and gestures. [Beginner]
  • Replay 360 - Use Replay 360 to easily combine screencasts, webcam recordings, video files, audio clips, and images with just a few clicks. Replay publishes your projects as MP4 videos. [Intermediate user]
  • Articulate Review - Allows non-subscribers to review Articulate courses and provide feedback to the course creator in the course. [Beginner]
  • Content Library - Over 2+ million photos, videos and more are available to incorporate into your course. 
  • Quizmaker - Create quizzes of any question type. The quiz tracking is published through the LMS (Blackboard or Working@VCU). It uses SCORM Language and is listed as a code Blue application.


Purchase Articulate 360 Team License:

Technology Services has established an Articulate 360 Team Agreement to provide VCU departments/schools quick access to Team licenses and benefits. Academic pricing and a volume discount is applied to the annual subscription fee. The annual subscription for a Team license is $584.10 and is prorated based on the October 2018 Agreement date. 

To purchase an Articulate 360 Team license, submit a service request identifying the number of licenses, name and email of each license recipient and the billing budget code. Technology Services will assign a license to the recipient and bill the department.

What is an Articulate Team license?
Articulate 360 Team licenses make it easy to collaborate in Rise and Storyline 360.  Members of a team can work together on developing a Rise course, create and edit content at the same time. Storyline templates, slides and scenes may be shared with the team. Team licenses offer seat management; a license may be transferred to another person when a project is complete. Quick access to new licenses through consolidated billing and fund transfer. Priority email support, live Chat and unlimited store is also available.

How do I purchase an Articulate 360 Team license?
Articulate offers a 30 day trial of Articulate 360, if you wish to try it. A number of departments/schools on campus have purchased an Articulate 360 Team license. Check with your IT Support staff to see if Articulate is being used in your area. You may be able to use an existing license, if it is under utilized.  For details on purchasing Articulate 360 Team licenses, go to Purchase Articulate 360 for Teams.

Can a Personal license be upgraded to a Team license?
No. An Personal license is assigned to one person and cannot be transferred to another individual. You must allow the Personal license subscription to expire and then purchase a Team license.

What are the system requirements for creating and viewing courses created in Articulate 360?
We recommend reviewing the requirements for your computer or mobile device on the Combined System Requirements for All Articulate 360 Apps web page.

What is the best output format to use in Articulate 360?
It depends on what features you applied to your training material and how your viewers will be accessing the training. Review Storyline 360: Comparing HTML5, Flash, and Articulate Mobile Player Output to identify the best options.

Can I save my Articulate 360 files to my desktop?
Story, Studio and Peek are desktop applications and stores project files locally on your computer.  Peek does upload to 360 as well. Rise is a cloud based application and all Rise files are store in the cloud. Information in Managing Project Files in Storyline 360 is available. If Articulate license are transferred or terminated, cloud files will remain in cloud storage for six (6) months. Packaged programs will always be accessible. 

Are Articulate 360 tools compliant with 508 Accessibility?
The Articulate 360 knowledge base articles provides guidelines and resources and developing accessible e-learning courses using their tools. 

How do I transfer my Team license to another person?
You must submit a request through a Service Desk ticket requesting a reassignment of an existing Articulate 360 Team license. Please specify the present license holder and provide the name and email of the new license holder. Allow two business days for the transfer to take place. Licenses may be transferred to others when projects are done or the license is not being used. 

What tool should I use if I have no or limited experience with Articulate?
Rise is the easiest course development product in the tool set. Review the tutorials and sample course to assist you with the development process.

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Contact Learning Systems if you have any questions.

Training & Support

Articulate 360 provide a number of online courses and resources for the user. Product tutorials, along with e-Learning tutorials, course examples,downloads and discussion group links are provided. 

Product Tutorials:

General e-Learning Resources:

Other Resources:


Product Support:

Articulate support is handled through the vendor. Our Team licenses qualify for Priority Emails Support and Live Chat Support. Please contact the vendor if you have issues with the product.


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Articulate 360 users are encourage to sign up for the Listserv. We are using the Listserv to communicate, exchange ideas and share experiences using Articulate 360. Subscribers will be notified of user group meetings and other events.

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