• eLearning Tab - includes information on items that are found under this tab.
  • Faculty Tools -  includes information on anything having to do with the initial set-up of a course (i.e. gaining faculty rights, creating a course, copying a course, merging, etc.)
  • My Courses/Organizations -  includes information on any actions that need to be taken within the My Courses/Organizations module (i.e where to access courses/organizations a user is enrolled in and hiding courses from previous semesters.)
  • Add Course/Organization Content - includes information about anything having to do with adding content to a course that has already been created (i.e. uploading documents, creating assignments and test, etc.)
  • Tools/Communications - includes information about tools located in this area (i.e. clickers, email, etc.)
  • Control Panel - includes information on managing the course (i.e. roster, adding users, grade center, course availability, course tools, etc.)

This article was updated: 02/26/2019