Adding Mashups

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A mashup combines elements from two or more sources. When you view a YouTube™ video in a Blackboard Learn course/organization as part of the course/organization content, you are experiencing a mashup.

Click the insert mashup function () to display a drop-down list and select from the following:

  • Atomic Learning
  • Kaltura Media
  • SlideShare Presentation
  • YouTube Video
  • Flickr Photo
  • Blackboard Collaborate

After you select a mashup type, you can search for content to fit your course/organization. Then, you set viewing and presentation options.

Note: After selecting a YouTube video, choose "No" for the Show YouTube Information option if you do not want to show YouTube’s suggested videos at the end of playback.

Before submitting, click the preview function () to see how the mashup will appear in the content item. Close the preview window to make changes. When you are satisfied with the selection and options, click Submit to continue or Cancel to abort adding the mashup.