Using the Link Function

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Select text or an object, and click the link function () to add a new hyperlink or edit an existing hyperlink. To remove a link, select the link and click the remove link function (). You can also link and remove links using the right-click contextual menu. You must use the http:// protocol when typing or pasting an address for the link.

Note: Unless you select text or an object, the insert/edit link and remove link functions are grayed out and unavailable. If you click remove link for something that has no hyperlink, nothing happens.

You can specify a link to a website, a file from your computer, Course Files, or the Content Collection.


In the Target drop-down list, choose where to open the link:

  • Open in this window/frame.
  • Open in a new window.
  • Open in parent window/frame.
  • Open in top frame, replacing all current frames.

Type an optional title for the window or frame displayed when users click the link. Optionally, select a link class. If no other choices are available, the drop-down list may only show Not Set.