Using the Math Editor

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The math editor delivered within the content editor provides an interface for creating and managing math formulas in your course. The math editor is written by WIRIS and is standard- based using the latest MathML standard for describing math formulas for display in browsers. Additionally, the created formulas are saved as the MathML for future editing AND as a PNG file for rapid deployment to browsers.

Click the launch math editor function () to open the math equation editor window, the WIRIS Formula Editor.

Javascript must be enabled for the math editor to function.

Rich Set of Features

  • Basic operations
  • Matrix calculus
  • Calculus and series
  • Logic and set theory
  • Units
  • Greek alphabet

Math Editor Highlights

  • The math editor automatically converts formulas and equations to images so that users do not need to download an applet to view them. The formulas and equations continue to remain fully editable for an author.
  • The math editor supports copying and pasting of MathML formulas and equations directly in the editor.
  • Supports Legacy Equations - the math editor continues to support W3C MathML standards and extracts MathML from the pre-SP8 legacy math editor.
  • If upgrading from other platforms such as CE 4 or Vista, the math editor can accommodate the formulas and equations from these platforms.

Understanding the Tabs

The tabs at the top of the page allow you to select different elements:

  • General
  • Operators
  • Symbols
  • Big operations
  • Matrix mathematics
  • Arrows
  • Greek symbols
  • Superscript, subscript, and accents
  • Other miscellaneous math elements
  • Functions

To learn more, click the Manual link within the math editor to access the WIRIS website user manual. The manual provides a list of all icons available in the tabs.