Move Content

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Instructors can move content items, including Links, Web Links, Content Folders, Learning Modules, Offline Content and Tools can be moved between Courses/Organizations and Folders. Moving content deletes the content from the original location.

Note: Tests, Assignments, etc. that are associated with a Grade Center column cannot be copied and cannot be moved to a different course/organization. To move content to another Course/Organization, the user must be enrolled as an Instructor in both Courses/Organizations.

1. Turn Edit Mode to ON.

Edit Mode Blackboard

2. Go to the content your are trying to move.

3. From the chevron menu located next to the content title, select Move.

4. Select the Destination Course/Organization from the drop-down menu. The current course/organization is selected by default.

5. Beside Destination Folderclick Browse and choose the location within the course/organization where the item is to be copied to.

6. Click Submit.