Inline Grading (New Box)

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Blackboard’s current service for the implementation of inline grading is through the Crocodoc API, and Box Inc. has decided to discontinue it. The end-of-life date for the Crocodoc API is January 15, 2018.

Post Conversion and What Can Users Expect?

Use Case Currently in Crocodoc New Box View
Existing annotations in active/disabled (but not deleted) courses An instructor can access the student's submission and modify the annotations All annotations entered in Crocodoc (including drawings) will be "burned" into a PDF and displayed in New Box View. The instructor can then add additional annotations, but not modify the previous ones entered using Crocodoc
Course Archive/Restore into same Learn instance Annotations from a previous course will not follow the archived/restored course. Annotations from a previous course will not follow the archived/restored course.


Functions and Details Crocodoc New Box View
File types for annotations PDF, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, DOC, and DOCX

Over 100 different file types

File Types and Fonts Supported in Box Content Preview

Videos and images displayed No Yes
Course Areas Assignments Assignments
Annotation types Text- and point-based comments, highlighting, and drawing Point-based comments and highlighting
Download Users download a copy of a student file with the option to download in the original format or in a PDF version that includes the annotations Users can download a copy of a student file, but annotations won’t appear
Print function No Yes
Students Can’t add annotations to documents Can’t add annotations to documents

Working with Annotations in New Box View

Instructors and roles with grading privileges

  • Must assign grades before students can view annotations.
  • Can’t edit or remove existing Crocodoc annotations in New Box View as the annotations are “burned” into a PDF during migration.
  • Can add or edit New Box View annotations after a grade is assigned. However, when delegated grading is enabled, only instructors can add or edit annotations in New Box View after grades are assigned.

Delegated grading is enabled, and no grades are assigned

  • Graders who aren’t allowed to view other graders’ annotations, won’t see any annotations—even their own—after the migration to New Box View. Graders see students’ original documents. The “hidden annotations” are necessary because graders shouldn’t see other grader or instructor annotations that existed before the migration.

Delegated grading is enabled, and grades are assigned

  • After grades are assigned in Learn, graders can view all annotations made.
  • Students may be able to see all annotations based on the Provisional Grades setting within the Delegated Grading capabilities.

New Box View replaces Crocodoc in the affected course grading areas.

Annotations cannot be printed or saved (even printed to file) as annotations are comment popups in New Box View. This is a screenshot of what the student will see after an item is highlighted, commented, graded and returned.

New Box Student View