Review and Grade an Assignment/SafeAssignment

Instructors/Leaders must go to the full grade center to review and grade assignments/safeassignments that have been submitted by students/participants.

1. Go to Control Panel >> Grade Center >> Full Grade Center.

2. Locate the assignment column and the student's/participant's name beside it. Hover on the exclamation point (!) and click the chevron button that appears.

3. Select View Grade Details.

4. Click View Attempt.

5. Beside Attempt, enter the grade for the assignment. 

6. Enter feedback - optional.

7. Click Submit.

** Instructors/Leaders also have an option to make corrections and upload another file they feel the student/participant should see by clicking on the paper clip icon at the bottom of the feedback box.

Under the Add Notes link, instructors/leaders will be able to put any notes they would like to leave themselves about this particular student's/participant's assignment. This can only be seen by the instructor/leader.

8. Click Submit.

Grade Assignments Anonymously

You can grade assignments anonymously to ensure impartial evaluation of student/participant work. For example, if they know you are grading anonymously, students/participants may feel a higher level of comfort when expressing themselves in an opinion-based assignment.

In anonymous grading, all identifying information is hidden and attempts appear in random order. Each student/participant is assigned a number, such as Student/Participant 8.

To grade anonymously from the Needs Grading page:

1. Access an assignment attempt’s chevron button.
2. Click Grade Anonymously. The Grade Assignment page appears.

To grade anonymously from the Grade Center:

1. Access an assignment column's chevron button.
2. Click Grade Anonymously. The Grade Assignment page appears.

To grade anonymously from the Grade Assignment page:

1. On the action bar, click Hide User Names.
2. Click OK in the pop-up window to verify the action. If grading was in progress, any unsaved changes to the open attempt are lost. The Grade Assignment page refreshes and all identifying information is hidden.
Grade Multiple Attempts

If you allowed multiple attempts for an assignment, and a student/participant has submitted all attempts, they appear in the grade cell's chevron menu.

On the Grade Assignment page, you can see how many attempts users have submitted next to their names on the action bar.

Click Attempts to view other attempts. If you associated a rubric with the assignment, you can refer to it while grading.

After selecting an attempt, type a grade and feedback, and submit. 

If one of the multiple attempts is ungraded, the exclamation mark remains in the cell along with the last graded attempt.

After you complete grading the attempts, the last attempts grade appears in the cell by default. The last attempt’s grade also appears on the Grade Assignment page.

To change the displayed grade to the first attempt, highest grade, lowest grade, or an average of attempts, access the Grade Center column's chevron button, click Edit Column Information, and select the attempt to score from the Score attempts using drop-down list.

My Grades shows students/participants their scores on the most recently graded assignment attempt, or your selection in the Score attempts using drop-down list, as soon as that item is scored.

This article was updated: 05/2/2017