Restrict Location

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At times, an instructor might need to allow a student or a group of students to take the survey from somewhere outside of specified location (IP range). In this case, you can use the Survey Availability Exceptions to exclude specified students or groups of students from the location restriction.

Students with this exception enabled will be able to take the survey from any location, even if it is restricted for other students.

In a high-stakes situations you or the proctor can override a restriction that has been enforced by the system. From the Survey Begin page, you can see the individual instances when users were prevented from accessing a survey, along with an option to override this restriction to allow a user to continue taking the survey.

To enable Restrict Location:

1. Beside the deployed survey, click the chevron button and select Edit the Survey Options.

2. Scroll down to the Restrict Location section.

3. In the drop-down box, select No restrictions, one of the preprogrammed locations, or Custom IP Filter to put in your own list or range of IP address the students are allowed to take their survey from.

4. Click Submit.