Create a Survey

A survey is different from a test in that surveys are not graded (users get a complete or incomplete) and submissions are automatically anonymous.
1. Turn Edit Mode to ON.

 Edit Mode Blackboard

2. Go to the content area (i.e. Course Information, Course Documents, etc.) where the item is to be uploaded.

3. Hover over the Assessments button.

4. Click Survey.

5. Click Create to build a new survey.

6. On the Survey Information page, type a name. Optionally, provide a description and instructions.

** To edit this information, click the drop down arrow box beside Survey Canvas and select Edit.

7. Click Submit.

8. On the Survey Canvas, hover the Create Question button on the action bar and select a question type.

** The instructions for each question type will be displayed at the top of the screen as you are creating the question. Click the More Help link if more information about the question type is needed.

9. Enter the Question Title (optional), Question Text, and Answers.

10. Click Submit and Create Another or just Submit.

11. Repeat Steps 8-10 until each question is entered.

12. Once you have entered all of the questions, click OK at the bottom of the screen.

Create a Survey from the Control Panel

1. Go to the Control Panel and Course/Organization Tools, click on Tests, Surveys, and Pools.

2. Click Surveys.

3. Click Build Survey.

4. Follow Steps 6 - 10 above.

This article was updated: 04/27/2017