Due Dates

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If you use grading periods in the Grade Center, select a due date to easily include that test in a grading period and on the calendar in the My Blackboard menu.

Due Date and Late Submissions

Decide whether to allow a student/participant to take a test after the due date has passed. If you select the check box and the due date has passed, students receive a message telling them the test cannot be completed because the due date has passed.

When you allow late submissions, they are clearly marked on the Needs Grading page, the View All Attempts page, the Review Test Submission page, and the Grade Details page.

To Enable Due Dates in a Test, Survey, or Assignment

1. Beside the deployed test, survey or assignment, click the chevron button and select Edit the Test/Survey Options (just Edit if it is an Assignment).

2. Scroll down to the Due Dates section.

3. Put a check in the box beside Due Date and select the date and time the assignment/assessment is to be completed by.

If this is a test or survey, check the box beside "Do not allow students to start the Test/Survey if the due date has passed." - optional

4. Click Submit.