Multiple Test Versions and Multiple Students

Instructors can create multiple versions of a test and allow select students to take a particular test.

1. Create a group for each test name (Go to, Create Group Set). Do not name each test the same name to avoid confusion (i.e. Midterm 1, Midterm 2, etc.).

2. Place each student in the group with the test name that they are supposed to take.

3. Create each test, corresponding with the same names as the group names.

4. Once the test are created, click the small dropdown menu beside each title and select Adaptive Release.

5. In the Course Groups area, select a group (test name) and move it to the Selected Items box.

Note: This might make the grade center look like the calculations are off. Students, for example, who are taking Midterm 1, will technically calculated as a zero for each of the tests they did not take (i.e. Midterm 2, Midterm 3, etc.).

Go into the grade center and exempt the grade for each test they did not take.

This article was updated: 04/27/2017