Revise a Test After it's Been Taken

It first must be said that revising a test must be done cautiously. Once students have started taking a test, it is recommended that revisions to actual test questions only be made to correct grammar, punctuation, misspellings, etc. Otherwise, the instructor risks corrupting the entire assessment.
However, in some cases, an instructor might find that they would like to change the points value for one, a couple, or even all of the test questions. The instructor may decide to allow or take away partial points, negative points or simply change the possible points for a specific question after at least one student has already taken the test.

Creating and Editing Questions

Questions can be edited or deleted by selecting them individually or by using the Question Type drop-down list.

Questions can be edited by selecting Edit from the Contextual Menu. Linked questions are edited in the original test, survey, or pool. Users making changes to linked questions will receive a message warning that these changes will appear everywhere the question appears.

If a test has been deployed and there are submitted results, you cannot add new questions, nor can you change the number of questions presented in a random block, but you can edit, delete, reorder, or change the point values of questions. Any submissions affected by those changes will be regraded.

Changing Point Values

To change the point value of one or more questions, select the check boxes, type a number in the Points box in the header above the question list, and click Update (if the test has submissions, the button is named Update and Regrade). The new point value is applied to all selected questions.

Alternatively, you can change the point value for an individual question by clicking its current point value. A box appears where you can edit the points or designate the question as Extra Credit. Click Submit to make the changes (if the test has submissions, the button is named Submit and Regrade). For tests with submitted attempts, the option to Give Full Credit also appears.

New grades are recalculated for all previously submitted tests and any attempts in progress.

Ordering Questions

New questions are added to the end of the test. Reorder items by dragging and dropping, or use the keyboard accessible reordering tool.

Note that changing question order only affects new tests (assuming the test is not set to display questions in random order). Attempts already submitted retain the order as originally viewed when the student took the test.

Questions are automatically numbered in the order they are added, and the question numbers will update when items are reordered or randomized. For this reason, use caution when referring to specific question numbers in the question text.

Deleting Questions

You can delete test questions at any time unless a test attempt is in progress. If there are test attempts, deleting a question removes it from the assessment, along with any possible points earned. Previous test attempts are regraded as if the question had not been included in the assessment.‌
1. Click the chevron button beside the deployed (already taken) test.
2. Select Edit the Test.
3. Edit, delete, reorder, or change the point values of questions.
4. Click Submit and Regrade/Update Attempts.
Once completed, you should see the process has been completed before clicking OK and leaving the screen.
For Example:

This article was updated: 12/1/2017