Awarding Extra Credit

When you enable extra credit and apply it to an individual question, a correct answer results in adding the points listed in the question's Points box to the points earned for the test. An incorrect answer does not result in a point deduction. Questions designated as extra credit are removed from the total points calculation for the purpose of grading. If a student answers all questions correctly on a test with an extra credit question, he or she is awarded a score greater than 100% on the test. You enable extra credit after you create questions.

Note: The extra credit option does not appear for pools or surveys.

1. On the Test Question Settings page, select Provide option to assign questions as extra credit.

2. Click Submit.

3. For each appropriate question, click the Points box.

4. In the pop-up box, select the check box for Extra Credit.

5. Click Submit.

To remove extra credit for an individual question, click the Points box. In the pop-up box, clear the Extra Credit check box. You may disable extra credit for the entire test on the Test Question Settings page.

Tip: If you make extra credit available, mention it in the question or in the test instructions.

This article was updated: 04/27/2017